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We share our beautiful family-friendly party space!
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Building Update

We have a physical location! Our new space, which we have named it North Elm Collective. We are now located at 410 N. Elm Street in Troy, Ohio.

Our vision for North Elm Collective is that it will be a creative community space for parties, rental opportunities, yoga, wellness events and - most importantly - CHILDREN to be celebrated. It truly is a magical space for our community...for birthday parties, events and special occasions of all kinds.

In addition, our new location now serves as the We Love Birthday Parties office, storage and work space.

Thank You!

Thank you to all of the companies, foundations, churches, donors, volunteers and friends who have helped us so far! 

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  •  250  kids, ages 1-18 served each month--every child gets celebrated on his/her birthday month.

  • 6 non-profits benefit from our services.

  • We were grateful to find ways to reach kids even when we couldn't have in-person parties for them. Thank you to our non-profit partners for helping us find creative ways to safely continue celebrating kids!

  • In 2020 we served 180 kids each month and in 2021 we served 250 kids! We continue to fine ways to reach more children who need celebrated.

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  • We reach kids in low income situations in Piqua, Troy, Tipp City, North Dayton and surrounding Miami County Ohio towns

  • We reach foster families in Miami County through Seeds of Hope/

  • We reach kids in the court system through CASA/GAL of Miami County/

  • We acquired our own building in January 2022. Renovations are in progress. 


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  • We have a list of 50 volunteers who will help us with anything from baking cupcakes to decorating to helping with games and crafts. We love our volunteers!

  • We have 10 teen and young adult volunteers who dress as princesses and superheroes as our ambassadors and to help us raise funds.

  • We have 1 volunteer intern each year.

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  • Each time we celebrate kids we hear the same thing, "This was my favorite day ever!" Children love birthdays!

  • HOPE and HAPPINESS! We let kids know they are not forgotten on their birthday--that they matter, they are valued and they were created for a purpose on this earth. Most kids we serve never hear those encouraging words and it breathes life and HOPE into them!

  • 2020 brought disappointment and hardship, so we want to spread a little happiness and mental wellbeing to kids!

Birthday Party Highlights

Every child needs to know they are valued and loved. We use our birthday parties to spread
a message to children who otherwise may not be celebrate that THEY MATTER. We help
them feel SEEN and we let them know they were born for a purpose!

Celebrating Kids

What child doesn't love being celebrated on his or her birthday? We have kids in our own community who are not celebrated. That's why we throw monthly parties at community centers to reach kids with the simple joy of a birthday party so they feel valued and supported.

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